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I was lucky to be able to take early retirement, which allows me to persue my interest in Parapsychology, Witchcraft, Mysticism and the Occult. I was Ordained as a Pagan Priest in 1999 by The Universal Life Church. Since retirement, I have qualified as a Reiki Therapist. I'm currently doing a home study course in Western Magic with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki of The Servants of the Light. Whilst I'm enjoying the challenge, I still feel more comfortable with simple Folk Magic and Traditional Witchcraft. Traditional Witchcraft means different things to different people, for me it was/is part of the community, until the start of the 20th Century most towns and villages had a Cunning Man or Woman. I grew up in 1950's London and when I had whooping cough my mother called in the local healer who cured me in minutes, was she a Cunning Woman? I don't know, but she had a healing power. I have spent the last 20 years researching the Essex Witch Trials and set up a website so that the poor victims are not forgotten... Essex Witch Trials a record of our evil past. I also have a website called "The Cunning Man's Cottage" All about wise men and women, but still a work in progress.

I have set up a Blog, I don't know how often it will be used, but I'll try to share my experiences... My Magical Journal
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What else do I get up to ?
I used to attend The Braintree Spiritualist Church who made me very welcome even though I'm a Pagan.
I have regular acupuncture and chiropractic treatment at The Chiro Health Clinic.
I recently had The Lucid Light Experience at Blake End, and look forward to doing it again soon.

You may sometimes find me in my favourite country pub, The Duck Inn

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