Beloved Sister
Sweet Sister,
do not feel the pain
Caused by others' bad intentions
Your hurting feelings are in vain
Sweet Sister,
they just want to bring you down
So that they can touch your innocence
while you are lying broken on the ground

Precious Sister,
do not dare to cry
They brought you down to take a piece of your purity
So they also can learn how to fly
Precious Sister,
you must be strong
Take a piece of the Faith
then they can do you nothing wrong

Lovely Sister,
do not speak the words
That prays for forgiveness
from their silver-shining fighting swords
For you see lovely Sister,
this is not the end at all
From the very day you bent down
they will only watch you fall
Sweetest Sister,
do not follow the darkness
Go with your soul
away from their bitter sweetness
My sweetest Sister,
go with me to the light
Where they can't hurt you
together we will fight

Ingvild Gregersen