I walk amongst you, yet I am invisible to you,
Till I say or do something against the norm.
My pentacle shines brightly, hanging from my neck.
It identifies me, but at the same time alienates me.
You call me "Devil Worshipper" and "Satanist",
Yet I am neither of those labels you ascribe to me.
I do not consort with devils, or other evil beings,
Or worship the entity, Satan, I do not believe in him.
You fear the magick that I perform, even the healing sort,
Yet you claim to have no belief in its power or results.
I am a healer, a friend, not a destroyer, nor a hexer.
Iím a lover first, but a warrior when I need to be.
You seek to save me from myself, for I know not,
But I donít need your salvation, Please just let me be.
You claim my path is wrong, and that I shall burn in hell,
What is this hell you speak of? Is it not here on earth?
You tell me that my path is wrong, that only yours is right.
To this accusation I say only two words, Prove it.
Only I can choose the path that is right for me,
So Goddess Bless, and Blessed Be